If your non-profit has any work that is done online virtually, google drive can be a life saver. Even if all your employees work at the same office, with the vast array of functionalities, it can really help you both centralize your information and collaborate.

Here are 5 ways in particular that this free tool can support your non profit:


Perhaps you have more sophisticated software available to you that google sheets (or for that matter excel), but it is a great way to keep track of spending for projects that a number of people might be spending money on. For example, if there are a number of organizers of a fundraiser who are spending money they can all keep track of what they spent in a document that saves in real-time instead of having to send documents back and forth to different people. You can also save pictures of receipts in the same folder.

Board Meetings (or other project note taking):

You can take live notes at the board meetings that everyone can see and contribute to on their computer. Or, for example, if you have last minute changes to the agenda you can easily change the document every has access to instead of sending emails every time the agenda is changed. You can also see all of the previous changes that were made and who made them.

Digital Storage:

Much like dropbox, google drive can be a great place to store your non profits documents in a place that you can control who has access to what. You can have a public media folder with brochures, posters, etc. You could have a folder for a fundraiser that all of the planners have access to. You could have a folder just for the board. It is a great (and free!) way to organize things virtually.


With google slides, you no longer have to keep resending powerpoints every time they are changed. Especially if you are making a presentation with someone else, this is a great tool to use to build it (even if you decide to download it as a powerpoint later).


There are thousands and thousands of templates out there – from storyboarding movies, to brochures, to website designs, to letterhead, to marketing budgets. If you are working on a project with someone else, it is worth searching google drive’s many public templates to see if someone has already put something similar together.

Overall, it is well worth the time learning google drive. The functionalities are innumerable and if you really fall in love with it, it can easily become your non profit’s online hub.