Almost all non profit websites all have the essential pages such as contact us, history, donation page, mission, projects, etc. If you are just launching, get a MVP, a minimum viable product, with these essentials (make sure you have the essential pages – the main menu, home page and color scheme done almost perfectly). However, there are tens of millions of websites launched every year and you need to differentiate. These are some of the pages you can add gradually that can help build your site out.

A newsletter sign-up page

In general, a prospect only comes to the website 2-3 times total. It is not like Facebook when they might see updates straight from your page. It can take time, but you really need a newsletter. There are plenty of platforms that make them easy to maintain. You should have sign up forms on different setions of the site. It is also great to be able to promote on social media a landing page with all the benefits of joining the newsletter (project updates, letters from the people you help, weekly quotes/stories, etc.).

Custom 404 page

You want to have a good 404 page with an opt in – for example “page not found, but don’t leave empty handed, opt in to our mailing list and get this free webinar”. Do not be afraid to offer something of value to your potential donors, volunteers, etc. for them to jump on your mailing list. If you do not have a mailing list, you can put a video or some other piece of information they may not come across elsewhere.

Press and Media

You have your list of news articles writtern about you non profit, plus your videos, your newsletters, your brochure, your posters, a presentation etc. If an event organizer needs some information to put out, this should be the hub for your media materials. Also, if someone in the media contacts you, you can send them to this page as well. To make their lives easier, it should have the variations of your logo, a few pictures, a press release, a few quotes, plus a paragraph about you. Keep in mind, it does not need all of this to start, you can add to it as you build out your media.

FAQ page

Donors are a lot more careful these days. They ask some great questions. Compile what they have asked (perhaps using a google doc) and update the FAQ page. It does not just have to be for site visitors, but volunteers/employees/board members can read it over so they know how to answer important questions when asked. If your FAQ has a search bar, this can be a great place to discover questions people are asking too.

An easy to remember domain name

This is not exactly another page, but one final recommendation is that if your non profit has a hard to remember name, buy a custom domain name that redirects to your site. For example, also goes by If you do a lot of public speaking this can help get more people to your site.

Again, launch the essentials and take your time in building it further, step by step. Perhaps set a goal of one new page a week.