You may be looking in google analytics and wondering why you are not getting much or why you have a high bounce rate. There may be some easy ways you can make your site a better experience for visitors and thereby getting it in the good graces of google. You might find some broken links, a problem with the speed of the site, some poor site organization, issues with images, caching, etc. If you are on a tight budget, instead of paying someone, it is very easy to plug it worth looking into  a tool every once in a while.

Some of these sites have premium reports that may be worthwhile if you have a very busy site. Keep in mind also that unless you reach a certain threshold of visitors, the insights may not be incredibly insightful.

Below are 5 places you can check and a few highlights from the report you will see in the free version.


This tool is fantastic for assessing speed issues by plugging it into a categories and showing their suggestions.


A marketing checklist, an overall site ranking, how you can optimize, how you are doing on mobile, usability and technology you are using all highlight the report.


You can check out the social media, those referring to you, anchor text and your top content.


Another great tool for testing your website speed and finding ways to improve it.

Google webmaster tools

You need to see if there are any errors that the largest search engine in the world finds. One important thing to check beyond any crawl errors is the search queries are getting visitors to your site to better optimize your content. It is completely free, but you will have to certify it with code on your site. You may also want to check out Bing’s webmaster tool as well.