Non profit blogs can be quite powerful by providing a consistent way to update and inspire your fans. Here are some ways you can improve your writing:

1. Balance the analytical and emotional appeal with stories and statistics. Write like both a thought leader and story-teller – an expert that engages with all the mind and the heart. Use the tension of extremes -amplify your message with contrast.

2. Agonize over your titles like any good copy writer. Does it grab peoples’ attention?What emotional response does it elicit? You want to leave them unsatisfied to an extent and wanting to read more. Think about the end goal of the blog post – does it point at a solution to a problem or does it make you want to take out your wallet and donate? The job of every word is to get you to the next word.

3. Use headers and spacing well. Design becomes more important than content sometimes because they are just skimming to see how you write about something.

4. Write content that your ideal reader (grant-maker, potential volunteer, teacher, etc.) cares about and try to get it in their hands by seeing where they hang out online. You can target joiners (those willing to join the cause), amplifiers (those who will spread your message) or seekers (those looking for more info).

5. End with a call to action and keep that goal in mind throughout. Go back between what is and what could be for the reader and/or organization.

Just start to write and try to enjoy it as much as possible. You do want to represent the organization well, but in general people would prefer consistently excellent content rather than sporadic perfection.