Hundreds of millions of page views every month are generated on Slideshare. If your non profit already has quality presentations, it is a fairly easy to upload and then attract very positive publicity. If you are just launching your non profit, it make take you a month to get a few hundred quality views of your website. With one good Slideshare, that can happen in a day. Here’s how to use this powerful platform:

Share your presentations

While it is better to create presentations directly for slideshare, you can turn your existing content into a slideshow fairly easily – perhaps you have a volunteer training guide, your annual report, your brochure, etc. Or, after a live presentation, you can share on Slideshare easily and just send a public link to it. If your presentations are very visual you can even create it on slideshare directly.

For non profits that are creating presentations anyway, it can be an excellent and easy way to attract attention.

Lead generation and publicity

Slideshare has a much more business focused audience than other platforms (it is run by LinkedIn). A couple hundred thousand views is the equivalent of a few million on YouTube as far as qualified traffic. It is a great way to get leads on potential volunteers, donors, partners, media contacts, etc. Just make sure you optimize your title, description and keywords.

The analytics in slideshare are getting better and better. You can see a lot about who viewed your presentations plus you can see the users who downloaded it and liked it if you want to connect with them further.


One thing many people forget is that slideshare is a powerful search engine. It is a great way to research and connect with other nonprofits in the same space for potential partnerships. You can see what they are up to for content ideas as well. There are some fantastic presentations on marketing, fundraising, social media, etc. that can keep you up to date on industry best practices as well.