1. Always include your sources – research, check facts and give credit. Also, don’t round numbers.
  2. “Tell them what you are about to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them.”
  3. Only have a logo on the first and last slide.
  4. Be on schedule. Pretend your time-slot gets cut and create (or at least think through) an executive summary slide just in case it is needed. Have clear take-aways at the end.
  5. Be ready if technology/the power fail.
  6. Start with 30-40 point fonts. Think of your slide as a billboard on the freeway. Make sure they can get them in three seconds–they won’t listen and understand the slides at the same time.
  7. Bullets kill. Try to have just one point per slide and be very visual. You want the audience to focus on you, not the slides.
  8. Engage the audience – ask questions, do a poll, make them raise their hands. People are conditioned with commercial breaks so try to change the pace every now and then.
  9. Use a call to action – whether it is donate now, or something as simple as follow us on twitter or please share this information with one person. Create a way the audience can stay engaged with you and use the information you shared.
  10. Prepare enough so you are confident and inspiring. Rocks worlds, change lives and then follow up.


A TED talk by Seth Godin

Great presentations checklist from forbes

The book Resonate by Nancy Duarte

Image found here.